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A new home for my articles and future plans

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Last week, I created this little personal website which will be the home of all my future posts. As you can see, I already took over all my last articles that I wrote over the last two months. So let’s tell you why I write and what you can expect from my future posts.

Why I write

I always wanted to try out writing. The thing is, I never knew what to write about, so it never happened. One day, I stumbled over a video of Gary Vaynerchuk and that was it. The day I started. I just learned about this styling library called styled-components and it was a great chance to document what I’ve learned. So I sat down and wrote my first article How to build a simple HackerNews feed with styled-components.

As you can see, I really like writing, so I continued to write about things I had a look on. By writing, I want to improve not only my writing skills, but also my English. My main language is German, so if you ever find a grammatical mistake (and I bet you will) I’ll be happy if you correct me 🙂

I think it’s great to share knowledge and information. With this page I not only create a personal documentation to come back to. I also try to help fellow developers by providing some useful information.

What I write about

I’m a software developer and I want to write about software development. More precisely, web development. So you can expect my articles to be about JavaScript, web development in general or frameworks. Speaking of frameworks, I mostly work with React, so you can expect this regularly to appear. Furthermore if I find some cool stuff like a useful library or a notable product, I might also write about it.


Until now, I just wrote about what came to my mind. I’m working on kind of a roadmap for future posts so I can reduce jumping from one big topic to another. This looks a bit messy right now, I know, but it’s going to change.

Also, I’m trying to work out a proper schedule that suits me. With my last articles, I tried to post one every week. I’m not sure if I can keep that schedule, since some of my articles require a bit more preparation and research. So this is definitely something I want to experiment with to find a schedule that I really can commit to.

Speaking of my schedule leads me to the next thing. Up to now, I published all of my articles on Medium. Now that I started this website, this will change. Every new article will be available on this page first. After some time I will post the article on Medium and on other platforms too.

Over the next weeks I want to see how these plans work out. If I can stick to it, and you people are interested, I might create a mailing list for you all to be the first to see my new articles as soon as they are posted. If this is something you are interested in, or you have other suggestions or feedback, catch me up on Twitter or send me an email.

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