Introducing: A weekly newsletter for all of you

Today I set up a mailing list for a weekly newsletter. This is something I already mentioned in a post about my plans for this blog. Now what is it for? Why should you subscribe? I’ll tell you. 


I will send you my new articles on a weekly basis. In addition to that, I might add some links to articles I want to share with you.

However, you won’t get spam. Ever. I hate spam mails as much as you do, so no worries about that.


As already mentioned. The newsletter will be on a weekly basis. In the beginning I will experiment a bit to find the perfect timing to provide the best possible experience. I’m trying out Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays and stick to the ones that work the best.

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When will it start?

I will send the first newsletter as soon as a handful of people subscribe, so the faster you subscribe, the faster it begins 🙂


As always, I’m happy to get feedback. The newsletter will be set up in a way that you replies are going straight into my mailbox and I will read and reply to every mail I get.

In the end it’s you whom I want to provide some value with that newsletter, so I’m happy to adapt my strategy to get the best out of it.


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