I’m Andreas Reiterer, a software/web developer from Austria.
Here I’ll tell you a bit about myself. If you want to know more about me or just want to chat a bit about web development or cool projects, catch me up on Twitter or send me an email.


Already as a teenager I loved to create crappy little websites for friends and family. I always loved to fiddle around with code and that’s one of the reasons why I became a software developer in 2010. Since then I’m not only developing enterprise software with .NET C# in my main job, I also got the chance to visit the customers premises to install our products. While doing so, I studied part time.

After getting my masters degree in Information Technologies & Business Informatics in 2015, I started to learn more about web development. And now here I am, full of passion to create cool things 🙂

Education and Work Experience

04/2018“App Development Lead” at Axtesys OG
01/2018Started Part Time Self-Employment
01/2018Started as “Senior Software Developer” at Axtesys OG
07/2015Started as “Development Engineer Software” at AVL List GmbH
02/2015Graduated (Master Degree) from FH Campus 02
03/2011Started Part Time Study “IT & Business Informatics” at FH Campus 02
04/2010Started as “Software Developer” at Boom Software AG
06/2009Graduated from HTBLA Kaindorf a. d. Sulm

What do I write about?

I write about software development. More precisely, I will focus on web development. So you can expect posts about JavaScript, Frameworks like ReactJS or useful libraries.

As an example, learn about my way into web development:

A developer’s way into modern web development